It’s what’s underneath that counts.

MARMOX Board PRO – Lightweight construction and insulation panels can be used to insulate and waterproof walls, floors and ceilings. Ideal for individual design of vanities and partitions and for lining of toilets. Bath tubs and pipe boxing. Easy application, high durability and resistance to moisture and humidity.

We specialise in the production of innovative, high quality, cost-effective and user-friendly construction products.

Our factory operates a zero waste policy where all waste material from Marmox Multiboard production is recycled into other less formulation critical products. In accordance with EN13164 and the EU’s Construction Product Regulations Marmox Board do not contain any VOCs, or emit any dangerous substances.
ODP = zero, GWP = 0.29


MARMOX Board - Structural panels

Marmox Board offers an easy and reliable way of creating your individual ideas in new construction or for renovation.

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MARMOX Board - Special Products

Special Solutions for individual requirements.

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MARMOX Shower Slope

Barrier-free showers are increasing in popularity in new bathrooms or in the remodelling of old bathrooms - Marmox offers a wide range of different solutions.

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The innovative honeycomb structure of MARMOX Board PRO incorporating nanotechnology
offers many practical advantages:

Provides maximum adhesion to tiles.

Provides improved strength, rigidity to the boards.

Provides superior strength with a first class finish.

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